I am a Lecturer of Applied Linguistics, Linguistics and ESL. In 2017, I earned my PhD in Applied Linguistics at UCLA researching Empathy through language. Using electrophysiological (EEG) and behavioral experimental methods, I explore the interface of Linguistic Empathy (perspective taking) and Social Empathy in my dissertation.

Teaching is central to my work and who I am as a person. Having taught courses in Applied Linguistics, Translation/Interpreting, ESL, TESL, Linguistics, academic writing, and beyond, I enjoy working with a range of student populations. Spreading appreciation, awareness, and passion for language is central to my work as an educator. By incorporating fun into the learning environment, students associate a positive attitude with the learning process. From here, motivation and trust then become inherent, and students walk away from the class with lasting memories and real knowledge.

Research & Teaching Interests: Empathy, Translation/Interpreting, Humor, Language Acquisition, Pragmatics, Psycholinguistics, Neurolinguistics, Intonation, Prosody, Language & Gender, Pronunciation, Curriculum Design, Cooperative Learning, Conversation and Discourse Analysis, Language Evolution, Experimental Linguistics, Writing Assessment.

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