Papers & Talks

Selected Papers:

2019. (with Olga Yokoyama, Eran Zaidel, and Michael Cohen) “Correlations between Linguistic Empathy and Social Empathy as Evidence for Shared Mechanisms of Perspective Taking.” In preparation. Email me for a copy. 

2014. “Seeking Natural Interaction: A Comparison of Emergent Language within Developmental Therapies for Children with Autism.” Email me for a copy.

2010. “The Prosodical Son: Music’s Influence on the Evolution of Language.” (Master’s Thesis) Email me for a copy.

Presentations & Guest Lectures:

2019. Invited Speaker, Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies Conference: War of Words: Conflict/ing Narratives, Myth, and Folklore, UCLA. “Humor as Defensive and Offensive: Manipulating linguistic perspective in political and social media exchanges.”

2015. “Exploring Empathy and Language Acceptability through Electrophysiology,” UCLA (Fundamentals in Applied Linguistics)

2014. Co-presenter (with Distinguished Professor Olga Yokoyama) “EEG Methods in Pragmatics Research,” AMPRA, UCLA

2014. “Neurology, Language, and Empathy,” UCLA (Fundamentals in Applied Linguistics)

2012. Presenter “The Prosodical Son: The Influence of Music and other Modalities on Evolution of Language,” Conceptual Structure, Discourse, and Language Conference. University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, Canada.

2012. “‘Dude’ as a Term of Endearment between Males” UCLA (Language & Gender)

2012. “Identifying, Collecting, and Analyzing Conversational Nuances,” UCLA (Talk & The Body)

2010. “Intonation Incorporated: Prosodic Patterns in Speech” UCLA (Talk & The Body)